Not all is as it seems inside the creepy DEAD ZONES!

Glimmer, a new magical girl with the power of light, must fight alone against creepy DEAD ZONES which have slowly been taking over areas of the world. But just what causes them, and what lies inside? Find out in this short platformer, with a unique light mechanic!


  • A/S/D - Move
  • W/SPACE - Jump (Press longer to jump higher)
  • LEFT CLICK - Melee Attack
  • RIGHT CLICK - Light Ball
  • HOLD RIGHT CLICK - Light Ball follows mouse
  • HOLD A/S and PRESS JUMP - Wall Jump
  • HOLD A/S - Wall Slide

Press and hold your right click to cast your light ball. Use it to light the way, scout ahead and light torches to help you!


  • A platformer with a unique mechanic - you must use your light to guide the way
  • 4 spooky ghost bois
  • An epic final showdown
  • Atmospheric sound effects
  • Occasional character dialogue
  • twist ending!


The second game by Cardboard Cat, and our second ever game jam!

Programming by Rich

Art and Design by Vicky (@MokkaQuill) 

Music and Sound by Charlie (@TheRealZimm)


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This is pretty well made!  a tad jank on the controls after taking a hit but overall solid and charming!

Amazing game! I loved every part of it, but if I were to choose the best part of the game it would be the art and characters design but overall everything was perfect. Good job guys ;)

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ok this was cute. i must say that there was some... infuriating level design here and there, and the light from the light ball could've been stronger, but glimmer is a really cute character and the art is really nice. 

The main character turned out to be very cute!)

Thanks so much! I put a lot into her design! ^_^